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We are introducing partnerships for cities and businesses to help promote their products and services in a clever way, by integrating them with crypto based loyalty rewards.

Customers are becoming smarter everyday, and part of the evolution will happen at our finger tips, on our phones, through cryptocurrency and blockchain related technologies.

As users spend at your shop, attend your events, or perform key civic activities, they will be rewarded in CityCoins and other cryptos, allowing you to build unparalleled loyalty with your customers, and realizing direct 1:1 ROI from your marketing spend. 


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Market Your Business

Attract new customers through our platform by offering rewards to those who make purchases or attend your events. We can generate a 1:1 ROI through our platofrm.

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We can generate post-event reports for your business on what events they attend, what cryptos & rewards are most attractive, and more.

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Featured Ads

We offer enhanced visibility to your events by charging a fee for front running ads on our app's home screen, or featured list within our events listings.


No Service Fees

We only take a small cut proportional from what you give out, with no additional hidden fees or service fees.

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