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Get Rewarded in Crypto For Participating In Your Community


At BlockMo we are empowering people to earn crypto while participating in community events and activities, providing them with real-life experiences paired with financial growth.

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Join our community!

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Explore and Earn

Browse our list of activities and events, and when you attend or perform the activity, you receive free crypto! It's that simple. 

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Redeem Your Gains

After accumulating your crypto, you can easily cash out for gift cards supporting national and local businesses. You can also donate them to a non-profit, or withdraw them to your private wallet.

Track Your Activity

Keep track of your balance, crypto gains, current prices, and more right at your finger tips.

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NOV 2021


MAR 2022

Beta Launch

JUN 2022

Public Launch

Future Rollouts

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Q3 2022


Gain interest on your crypto,

take it out when you want!

Q1 2023

Exchange CityCoins

Fee free swapping between CityCoins

Q3 2023

BlockMo Rewards

Receive discounts & perks with partnering retailers and events

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